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Remote Advertising Program 

    For an extra boost to your business, try running and ad on our scrolling lighted sign at the YMCA.  We give 20% of the monthly fees back to the YMCA.  If you think the type of folks that visit the YMCA would be good potential customers, talk to us about getting your ad scheduled.

Digital Printing   

   In most cases, full color graphics are digitally printed in media advertising.  We can produce digitally printed graphics in a variety of materials including adhesive vinyl, backlit prints, banners, magnetics and a number of other sign products.  Ask for a quote for your project.  Turn around time is typically about 3 days from layout approval.

Business Cards   

   Business card print service goes right along with our other sign and graphic work for our customers.  I try to emphasize image uniformity throughout your various marketing pieces.  We can use the same design seen on your vehicles, signs, business cards and website.

    Order as few as 500 one color cards for a good economical price or invest in 1,000 full color glossy cards to impress your future contacts.  We'll be happy to help you either way.

Logo Development   

   Ask our skilled design professionals about how we can develop a new logo for you.  It can be used for any signage we may be doing for you as well as business cards, letterheads or any other public image media in your company.  We can provide you with a printed hard copy as well as a number of digital formats.

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