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Lighted Signs . . . . . . . . . . . .



   You'll find our complete line of indoor lightboxes we sell under LIGHTBOXES on our main page.  We have sold various backlit and edgelit lightbox designs over the years but we are adding the very popular LED edgelit series to our offerings this year.  Hopefully, one of the quality models we have will fit your needs.  Ask us for quantity pricing!

5" deep backlit Slide-in series
 5.5" deep backlit SnapFrame series

.75" deep edgelit LED SnapFrame series

.5" deep edgelit LED Frameless series

4" deep thermoformed plastic series






Interior lit outdoor cabinet signs can be free standing or wall mounted.  Lighted with flurescent bulbs readily available, these are a good choice where this type of sign is allowed.  The plastic face can be flat or pan faced.  For larger sizes the pan face is recommended because it adds strength.  The color letters and logo are computer cut special transluscent vinyl applied to the outside.  If there is any need to make changes in the future, it is a realitively easy matter to peel off and re-apply the new copy.

    All our custom built cabinets carry a UL label.  Tracks for changeable letters can be mounted to the bottom portion of the plastic face if desired.  Let us talk with you about this valuable option for your business, church or school.






For many years these types of signs used custom made neon tubing inside each individual letter.  With the ease and more affordable pricing of LED lighting, many are now made with LED strips inside.  The letters are still custom made out of metal with a plastic face and trim around the perimeter.  Most often the line of letters are mounted to a raceway that holds them all together and provides a place for the extra wiring and transformers.  You do not need the raceway if you can make connections in the wall behind.  Other variations of this type of sign can make a stunning presentation of your business.  Ask us to price one of these signs for your storefront.




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