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Electronic Message Displays . . .

Digital Electronic Signs

    Even with certain local restrictions on motion signage including LED message boards, there is a place and appropriate use for these very effective signs.  They can be installed as an independent, freestanding sign, in conjuction with other signage or hung in a window or on a wall.  Available in full color or "mono" one color, they can run just text or have the options of animation or video.  Best viewed at a distance, they can be made with finer "resolutions" than the most common 20mm for additional cost.

    When shopping for LED digital signage, line spacing, matrix and color are the biggest factors in determining price.  We have units that have been up for years.  Our suppliers provide us with a quality product at very competitive pricing!  We feel so confident about the added benefit of our full color motion displays, that you should realize at least a 15% increase in customers to your business or your money back*

    Call NewWay Sign & Graphics for a quote today!  Whether it's a small indoor unit to hang in your store window or a large outdoor display, we can handle your display needs.



Price Changers

   More and more, digital price changers are being used primarily at gas stations, convenience stores and hotels.  Anywhere you need to change your price very often, these inexpensive digital signs help greatly.  Ask us how to easily convert your present price changer to digital.  Usually, there are no code problems with this type of digital sign in most areas.


Time & Temperature


   A very simple type of signage that is great for attracting attention to your location at the same time providing a community service to folks passing by.  Available in red or amber.  Usually, there are no code problems with this type of digital sign in most areas.











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